Is Football Becoming More Boring? + Predictions for this weekend

In my opinion, football is the best sport in the world, to play and to support. But there must be reasons why we keep clinging on to past games from a decade ago, watching Premier League Years for example is so nostalgic. Not just because it’s old, but because there’s so many iconic events in games which are more rare nowadays. The passion has started to die out within lots of the players, and the money has started to take its toll. The Manchester derby for example. There’s not much about it on the pitch, whether that be because of money or because of the major importance in tactics nowadays. Derbies are what everyone looks forward to, but to me they are just such cagey affairs now. One team dominates the ball, just knocking it about from side to side, whilst the other sits back and tries to break on the counter when they win the ball. As great as this is for the winning team, fans including myself definitely miss that passion and pure 50/50 excitement of derbies. Now it’s all just the better team on paper will keep the ball, and hope for some magic pass, but until that comes, it’s boring. Having no fans in the ground also doesn’t help the cause. Usually in a boring game you hear something funny from the stands to cheer you up. Can’t happen now.

It’s clear to see that more and more managers and coaches are trying to implement a style of play which consists of playing from the back, through the lines and passing along the ground as much as possible. However, as I’ve seen with Mark Warburton at QPR, playing from the back and through the lines with average players can be very dull to watch. Warburton’s aim was to entertain the fans, and last year he certainly did that. But this year, we’ve been worked out completely, and having lost talented boys like Ebere Eze, we are struggling to find that flair. A lot of teams seem to have this problem. Arsenal for example, they don’t have the creative edge that Man City do with De Bruyne which allows them to make their passing football attractive and exciting. It’s all side to side left to right, slow, patient build up. It’s quite boring to watch. Only the best teams have the license to try play like Barcelona in the Pep era, and that’s how it always was, because they did it well. Some teams just need to find a winning formula before they start trying to play more fancy stuff, but managers continue to play fancy before knowing how to win, which can cost teams dearly, example being Norwich in the premier league last season. Wonderful passers of the football, lovely technique, but didn’t do anything with it because the basics needed to win weren’t being done. I’m just hoping for some more excitement on the TV this weekend.

Predictions for this weekend:

Premier League

  • Wolves 1-1 Crystal Palace
  • Sheffield Utd 0-3 Man City
  • Burnley 1-2 Chelsea
  • Liverpool 3-1 West Ham
  • Villa 1-2 Southampton
  • Newcastle 1-1 Everton
  • Man United 2-0 Arsenal
  • Spurs 2-1 Brighton
  • Fulham 2-2 West Brom


  • Coventry 0-2 Reading
  • Bristol City 1-1 Norwich
  • Barnsley 0-2 Watford
  • Bournemouth 2-0 Derby
  • Luton 1-2 Brentford
  • Boro 1-1 Forest
  • Millwall 1-2 Huddersfield
  • Preston 0-1 Birmingham
  • QPR 1-1 Cardiff
  • Stoke 3-1 Rotherham
  • Swansea 3-2 Blackburn
  • Wycombe 2-1 Sheff Weds

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